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Memory Enhancement Study on Cera-Q

January 9, 2017


Cera-Q™ is the key ingredient found in Jeunesse M1ND. It is comprised of bioactive peptides that have a unique amino acid profile.  Cera-Q™ is backed by 9 published human clinical trials and in vitro data.  All of these demonstrate that Cera-Q™ supports memory, learning and general cognitive function across a wide range of age groups from children, adolescents, adults and elderly. The 3-4 week trials show significant results. They all demonstrate the Cera-Q™ is a powerful solution to help improve brain health at every age


Here is an excerpt from the study (These published studies refer to Cera-Q by its original, technical name BF-7)


The Role of BF-7 on Neuroprotection and Enhancement of Cognitive Function


Amyloid β-peptide (Aβ) contributes to the pathogenesis of Alzheimer's disease (AD), causing neuronal death through apoptosis. In this study, the neuroprotective role of BF-7, extracted form sericultural product, was examined against Aβ -induced toxicity in cultured human neuronal cell SKN-SH. In order to know if the BF-7 has positive role on the cognition and memory in human, the mixture of BF-7, DHA and EPA (BDE) was examined using Rey Kim and K-WAIS test with 50 healthy high school student. We report here that BDE significantly attenuated Aβ-induced apoptosis through the reduction of ROS accumulation, and diminished caspase-like protease activity. Moreover, the memory index and memory preservation, and attentative concentration of BDE treated group for 1 month were significantly improved, in contrast to the case of placebo control treated with DHA and EPA. This result represent that the BF-7 play significant positive role on learning memory. Taken together, our result suggested the natural product BF-7 is a good substance for the brain functionally and physiologically.


It is very exciting that Jeunesse has created M1ND to help all of us have a healthier, stronger brain



Eastern medicine researchers discovered that CERA-Q, a protein blend derived from silkworm cocoons, has the power to support overall memory. CERA-Q is only available in M1ND.


Supports Memory
  • Remember names, facts, and words

  • Backed by clinical trials

Silk Protein Hydrolysate
  • Sourced from protein found in silkworm cocoons

  • Exclusively available in Jeunesse M1ND


99 healthy adults (ages 19-64) Rey-Osterrieth (ROCF) memory & verbal learning tests · 0, 200, or 400 mg daily for three weeks 



These published studies refer to Cera-Q by its original, technical name BF-7, used by researchers.

  1. Chase HS et al. The role of BF-7 on Neuroprotection and Enhancement of Cognitive Function. Korean J Physiol and Pharmacol. 2004: 8:173-179.

  2. Kang YK et al. Memory Enhancing Effects of Silk Fibroin Derived Peptides in Scopolamine Treated Mice. Journal of Microbiology and Biotechnology. 2013: 23:1779-1784.

  3. Kim DK et al. The Role of BF-7 on Enhancement of Memory and Cognitive Function. The Korean J. Anat. 2004: 37(6), 519∼527.

  4. Lee JY et al. The Effect of BF-7 on the Ischemia-induced Learning and Memory Deficits. The Korean J. Anat. 2005: 38(2), 181∼188.

  5. Lee MY et al. BF-7 Improved Memory Function and Protected Neuron from Oxidative Stress. Korean J Phys Anthropol. 2004: 17(4):313-320.

  6. Lee SH et al. Association Between Cerebral Blood Flow and Cognitive Improvement Effect by B. mori Extracted Component. Korean J. Seric. Sci. 2004: 46(2), 77-79.

  7. Chae HS, Kang YK, Shin YK, Lee HJ, Yu JI, Lee KG, Yeo JH, Kim YS, Sohn DS, Kim KY, Lee WB, Lee SH, Kim SS. The Role of BF-7 on Neuroprotection and Enhancement of Cognitive Function. Kor J Physical Pharmacol 2004 Aug; 8:173-179.

  8. Lee SH et al. The Improvement of Learning and Memory Ability of Normal Persons by BF-7. Korean J Physiol and Pharmacol. 2004: 8:307-312.

  9. Kunwoo Kim et al. Brain Factor-7 Extracted from Bombyx mori Enhances Cognition and Attention in Normal Children, J Med Food 12 (3) 2009, 643–648










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